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Chemical production

To organize the smooth operation of the equipment during the chemical processing of hydrocarbon, mineral and other raw materials, it is necessary to use the high-quality pipeline valves, which will function reliably under conditions of chemically aggressive working environment.

This imposes special requirements for the selection of materials from which the product will be made. Here it is necessary to take into account the combination of several parameters at once - medium composition, the presence and volume of aggressive components and mechanical impurities, temperature conditions and working pressure.

Besides clearly performing its functions for valves in the chemical industry, it is critical to ensure absolute tightness with respect to the external environment, since leaks of chemically active substances can lead to emergency situations.

PTPA offers Shutoff Valves for acids, hydrogen, chlorine, environments containing hydrogen sulfide, methanol and carbon dioxide. Moreover, the company's specialists are ready to select products with the necessary characteristics in accordance with the checklist requirements.

Used equipment
Cast steel wedge gate valves
Cast steel wedge gate valves with rubberized wedge
Ball Valves for Extreme Services
Tricentric butterfly valves