Cast steel wedge gate valves with rubberized wedge

Performing shut-off function at pipelines transporting abrasive fluids at the temperature up to +80°С.
NPS 16˝… 40˝ PN 1,0 MPa
Design Features: Rubberized wedge; • Pressure relief plug in the cover; • Hatch in the bottom part of the valve body. 

Size range: DN 16” to 40”

Pressure Class: PN 1,0 MPa

Temperature range: up to +80 °C

Operation: electric actuator, pneumatic actuator.

complete tightness (zero leakage).

Connection to the pipeline: flanged. 
Bore: full bore.
Sealing: thermo expanded graphite. 

Trim: corrosion-resistant overlaying. 
Minimum service life: 5 years.