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PTPA Middle East provides a wide range of service solutions covering the entire product lifespan.

We are working closely with customers to ensure their plants reduce downtime by maintaining their valves and controls assets to the highest standards.

Spare Parts and replacement

We are dedicated to help our customers to increase their efficiency, that is why we provide purchase support for OEM and non-OEM parts, and manage inventory of a full range of quality spare parts.

We are dedicated to increasing the stock of spare parts in our own facility to support our service activities and to minimize lead times for our customers.

Repair & Maintenance

If a valve repair or reconstruction cannot be completed on-site, we will carry out the work in our own comprehensively equipped shops to the highest quality standards.

Our services include:

  • Standard maintenance and repair services
  • Offering damage analysis and resolution support
  • Provide purchasing support and supply of spare parts and replacements for own and other brands
  • Complete Maintenance and Overhaul of all types of valves
  • Upgrades & modifications of damaged or low performing products 

Thanks to our Team’s experience in design, manufacturing and servicing, we can provide maintenance and repair on valves and actuators of many other brands and manufacturers. 

Inspection, Testing AND Certification

The critical stages of inspection, testing, calibration, and certification require timely expertise.

We can inspect and test equipment to match the customer’s application needs, calibrate equipment including actuators and instrumentation, and certify products according to applicable industry standards.

Service On-Site

Wherever you operate, we can deliver on-site service specialists and mobile workshops to your facilities, which will allow us to carry out effective maintenance activities and repairs.

Services include:

  • Maintenance, repair and Replacement
  • Inspection
  • Testing & Commissioning
Installation & Commissioning

Installation and commissioning of industrial equipment is very critical and delicate process. A lot of factors can affect future plant performance and safety.

We make sure that our customer’s investment is protected at all times before, during and after commissioning. Our vast experience in design and manufacturing can help you to optimize the performance, efficiency, and safety of all valves in your facility.

We will help you to avoid costly delays during plant construction and startup by offering deep product insight and quality installation and commissioning services.

Valve Automation

In order to optimize process efficiency and adhere to safety regulations, we can support our customers in providing complete services during valve actuation, from helping the customer to define the needs and scope of supply, to sourcing, installation and commissioning of all equipment.

  • Consulting the customer on the scope of supply, actuator sizing
  • Supporting brand-independent sourcing
  • Providing valve-actuator packages
  • Assembling, testing and delivering
  • Commissioning of all equipment

Thanks to our Team’s experience in design, manufacturing and servicing, we can provide maintenance and repair on valves and actuators of many other brands and manufacturers.