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Ball Valves for Extreme Services

NPS 2"-24" Class 150-2500

Metal Seat Ball Valves designed to meet severe service applications, where elastomeric seats would be inappropriate. These applications include:
• High pressures;
• High temperatures over 200°C;
• Corrosive, Erosive or abrasive medias.

Size range: 2” to 24”

Pressure Class: ANSI 150-2500

Temperature range: High temperatures over 200°C 

Coating Options:  
a) Tungsten Carbide Coating (TCC) 
A hard, dense coating to resist high abrasive conditions, as well as particle erosion and fretting while providing the corrosion resistance of nickel with minimal loss of heat resistance. 
b) Chrome Carbide Coating (CCC) 
A hard coating that does not oxidize at high temperatures. Provides good abrasion, particle erosion cavitation and fretting resistance in high temperature environments.

For high temperature service, the valves will be fitted with extension bonnets to attain acceptable ambient temperature and ensure safety operation. Other features include: 
• Graphite Seals 
• Metallic bearings 
• Dynamic, live loaded, gland bolting