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PTPA today

more than 60 years of experience: the Company has been represented on the industrial valve market since 1951
65 076 m² of floorspace: the Company disposes impressive manufacturing facilities
more than 2000 production dimension-types production range is constantly extended
36 countries around the world: global supply of industrial valves

PTPA is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of industrial valves for oil, gas, energy and processing industries. We constantly develop our enterprise by taking every new project as an opportunity to improve overall performance and fulfill specific requirements of our clients. 

PTPA is a manufacturing plant with its own manufacturing workshops, R&D department, and testing equipment, which help to maintain high quality at every stage of production cycle.

We are constantly upgrading our machinery in order to ensure continuous development of our production facilities.

We strive to ensure customers’ satisfaction by offering the high level of performance and reliability of our products.  We always keep up with the latest   innovations   in   the   valve   industry   employing   our   long   time  experience and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. High quality, engineering flexibility and broad production capabilities have always been the cornerstones of our business.

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