Axial Flow Check Valves

Designed to prevent medium return (back) flow for pipelines transporting oil, natural gas, petrochemical products.
NPS 2"-56" Class 150-900
Design Features:
Non-Slam Operation: it consists of a camera filled with hydraulic liquid and a damping disk solidly connected with closure stem that moves inside the camera. Sealing system of the camera ensures its tightness and wouldn’t require hydraulic liquid changing during full service life. 
Metal-to-Metal Sealing: tight shut-off is provided by highly erosive-resistant stainless-steel sealing (metal-to metal). 
Size range: 2” to 56” 
Pressure Class: ANSI 150-900

RF/RTJ (ASME 16.47, ASME 16.5) or BW (ASME 16.25) 

Operation: The opening of the Axial Check Valve occurs under the infl uence of input medium fl ow pressure on the locking element. In case of medium back-fl ow the locking element is returned in «closed» position by spring action