Control ball valves

Control Ball Valves are designed to control working medium parameters (pressure, flowrate) by throttling flow at pipelines.
NPS 2"-28" Class 150-900
Size range: 2” to 28”

Pressure Class: ANSI 150-900

Design Features: Control valve has all the advantages of ball valves as a standard: reliability; ergonomic design, ease of installation, stable tightness index of shut-down element, and suitability for different types of medium. 
Split-Body Design: split-body design increases valve maintainability, allows to use it for aggressive working medium and conduct: components replacement; maintenance without dismantling. 
Trunnion Mounted Ball: сontrol element of control valve (the ball) is designed to ensure a wide range of control and high flowrate capacity with minimal pipeline pressure reduction. 
Metal-to-Metal Seat Design