Pig Valves

Pig valves are designed for loading and receiving cleaning pigs and detecting tools at pipelines transporting: natural gas; oil products.
NPS 6"-20" Class 150-900
Size range: 6” to 20”

Pressure Class: ANSI 150-900

Design Features:  
Bypass Cavity: pig valve ball has bypass cavity. It ensures working medium flow through ball valve in «closed» position (during loading or removing a pig). Bypass cross-section is about 25% from pipeline cross-section. Herewith medium pressure in the pipeline is not changed. 
Safety: launching and receiving cameras are equipped with pressure relief valves to ensure safe operation of the Pig Valve.

Superior performance:
• Significant reduction of installation area 
• High effectiveness in cleaning pipelines from impurities 
• Contraction of volume of preventive maintenance and required spare parts in the process of operation 
• Pig valves retain all design advantages of ball valves: size-conscious design, ease of installation, stable tightness index of shut-down element, capability of use at different types of medium; 
• Different pig types can be used: needle, scraping, spherical; 
• Simple way of installation at operating pipelines and fewer expenses for installation.