PTPA company has shipped the order for the Arctic LNG 2 project of NOVATEK. 

Large-sized ball valves for high-temperature medium were manufactured according to the customer's requirements, which included a number of special characteristics and parameters of the product.

The main advantages of PTPA ball valves for high-temperature medium are:

1. Correct geometry. The optimal combination of geometry and dimensions eliminates the risk of parts jamming and ensures stable valve operation throughout its entire service life.
2.Perfect valve seal and hard face wear-resistant coating give additional strength to the valve parts.
3. Reliability. Trunnion mounted ball increases the degree of reliability of the valve structure and the stability of the valve leakage indicators.
4. Actuator protection. The extended stem and vented stand are essential structural elements of the high temperature valve. This solution protects the control device from heating up under the influence of the hot flow of the working medium.

Arctic LNG 2 is a natural gas and liquefied natural gas production project on the Gydanskiy peninsula.

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