Subsea Slab Gate Valves

Valves for offshore subsea applications in the Oil & Gas exploration, production and transmission, suitable for water depths to 1000 m. Applications: Subsea Pipeline, Riser, Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM), Pipeline End Termination (PLET), HIPPS

Design ASME B16.34
NPS 1-13/16"-9" Class 300-5000
Design Features: • Forged body; • Full bore (piggable) or Reduced bore.

Size range: 1-13/16"-9" bore
Other sizes available on request (project specific design)

Pressure Class: ANSI 2500, 5000 (10 000 upon request) 

Water depth: up to 1000 meters (greater depth upon project requirement). 

Certifications: API 6DSS, ASME VIII Division 1 and 2, ASME B16.34, ASME B16.10, ASME B16.5, and specific Customer specifications.

Seat design: Metal-to-Metal Seats.

Materials: • Stainless steel; • Duplex and Super duplex stainless steel; • Nickel Alloys.
Operators: manual control by ROI.

Connections: • Flanges; • Buttweld ends.