Cryogenic Ball Valves

The cryogenic ball valves are widely installed on applications involving media at extremely low temperatures, such as the production, storage and transportation of liquefied natural gas, hydrogen, oxygen, etc.

Design ASME B16.34 and BS 6364
NPS 2"-24" Class 150-900
Design Features: Extended bonnet; • PCTFE seat insert; • Graphite seals; • Dynamic, live loaded, gland bolting.

Size range: 2” to 24”

Pressure Class: ANSI 150, 300, 600, 900

Temperature range: down to -196°C (-321°F)-196 °C

Certifications: ISO 15848 RATE A; ISO 28921; SHELL MESC 77/306; SHELL MESC 77/200; SHELL MESC 77/312; и BS 6364

Seat design: • Soft sealCPTFE; • Single and double piston effect

Materials: corrosion resistant steels (A182 F316)

Connections: Flanged RF, RTJ, butt-weld