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Swing check valves with damper
DN 28˝, 40˝ Class 600
Swing check valves with damper

Designed to prevent medium return (back) flow at pipelines transporting liquid and gaseous mediums at the temperature up to +100°С.

Line medium flow:  under disk.
    DN700 – 45 cm³/min;
    DN1000 – 80 cm³/min.
Mounting at the pipeline:
  - at horizontal pipelines: valve base downwards;
  - at sloping pipelines (also in vertical position): inlet pipe   
    downwards with disk pivot in horizontal position.
Materials: CS, LTCS upon Customer’s request.
Connection: welded.
Actuation: medium flow.
Service life: 30 years.

DEMPFER - 4 слайд.jpg

1. Damper ensures smooth disc motion, protection from damage.

2. Corrosion-resistant overlaying of the valve seat and disk.

3. Self-sealing bonnet design.

4. Full bore.

5. Resilient disk mount.
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