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Butterfly valves
DN 16˝… 80˝ PN 0,25...1,6 MPa
Butterfly valves

Performing shut-off function at pipelines transporting
- air,
- steam,
- water,
- oil
and other non-aggressive and non-toxic liquid mediums at the temperature up to +100°С.

Tightness: complete tightness (zero leakage).
Line medium flow:  bidirectional.
Mounting at the pipeline: horizontal position of the disk pivot.
Connection: flanged.
Operation: gear, electric actuator.
Materials: CS.
Service life: 12 years.

особенности конструкции


1. Full bore.
2. Wear-resistant body sealing.
3. Soft closure sealing.
4. Easy replacement of the closure sealing ring.
5. Size-conscious design.
6. Corrosion-resistant overlaying of the trim.

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